Best Gifts in the World

Corazon Gifts is Alex and Shawn.  We are long-time friends whose shared adventures range from goat herding to filmmaking, and now looking for the best gifts in the world.  Our current fascination is with popup cards. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area.

I would like to express how enjoyable and how beautiful your cards are. Keep doing what you do I’m telling you these cards are marvelous. ~ a satisfied customer

Our best gifts in the world include:

What are popup cards?

According to Noami Judd at eHow, popup cards became popular in the Victorian Era, but then faded away after the World Wars.  Popup cards saw a rebirth in the 1980s, and are currently enjoying tremendous popularity due to innovative designs from companies such as LovePop, designers such as Robert Sabuda, and your very own Corazon Gifts.  Some also point to the art of kirigami, which is a variation of origami, in which paper is cut as well as folded.  According to Wikipedia, The term kirigami was coined by Florence Temko, from the Japanese kiri “cut,” kami “paper,” as the title of her 1962 book.